Meet The Author

This blog was created by a woman. A woman whose been around the block and knows a thing or two about relationships. She knows what works and knows what doesn’t. She has walked all avenues of lifeĀ  as it pertains to men and women and their dynamics and isn’t afraid to share her advice.

Note : The author of this blog is Atheist, so if you are looking for a religious point of view, You’ve come to the wrong place. Make a U-turn and get the fuck outta here real soon. I want you happy! There will be no views that make a woman feel trapped on this blog from the author. And the disclaimer should be R rated as it will be vulgar and it will speak to human nature and nothing more. Leave your comments, join in the discussions.

Thank you

Ericka Courtney

Your Author


One response to “Meet The Author

  1. Anonymous ⋅

    Copyright infringement on your other site…You will need to contact us to resolve use of our images without a license.

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